Hello from New Mexico. My daughter and I are Miniature Schnauzer lovers and it is that love that has led us to breeding our family pets. We wanted to provide to prospective pet owners our healthy, socialzied and beautiful miniature schnauzer puppies. Each dog and puppy lives in our home and gets plenty of daily play-time with us and each other. They are full of individual personality and are a delight to live with. Schnauzers have shared my home for 25 years and each one is considered a family member. My goal is that each pup is going to a responsible, loving home and will be showered with the time and devotion they deserve. We will have miniature schnauzers (around 14-20 pounds)or toy schnauzers (7-13 pounds). Our dogs produce puppies that are black/silver, salt/pepper or dark salt & pepper. The schnauzer is hypoallergenic and does not shed! They are excellent watch dogs and enjoy the company of both adults and children. They are extremely intelligent and training is usually a breeze with this breed. They don't speak but sure make themselves perfectly clear with facial expressions, kisses, barking, noises of excitement, holding your hand, jumping up & down, ignoring you, letting you know the water bowl is empty by shoving it around, etc,etc etc! It is very easy to consider them part of the family because you will be interacting with them on a daily basis and having the time of your life. Schnauzers are a joy to be around - each and every one of them is pure entertainment. Want to wean yourself from watching too much television? - get two schnauzers and watch them - they are so cute and funny - you will never get bored. Hope you enjoy the website - it was fun putting it together. Photos will be updated on a regular basis and if you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us.


Cute pic from Ed and Cecelia who have three of our schnauzer babies.

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